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10 Dec

Alumni Spotlight: Jack Harty

2018-12-10T07:59:48+00:00 December 10th, 2018|Alumni Spotlight Series|

Jack Harty graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach. He currently works as an Analyst in Network Planning at Delta Air Lines. Discuss your current role at Delta Air Lines. I work in Network Planning and Scheduling which is the department that determines [...]

06 Dec

9 Simple Tips To Stay Focused, Motivated And Proactive During The Holiday Season

2018-12-05T12:14:43+00:00 December 6th, 2018|General|

This blog was originally published on Forbes.com and can be found here. The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrapping” is playing for the 100th time—I’m slightly exaggerating, it's more like the 37th time—since Thanksgiving Day on my car radio as I’m once again pulling into the Target parking lot. In my N.J. suburban neighborhood, about a 30-minute drive [...]

03 Dec

Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Yan Tang

2018-11-08T14:52:53+00:00 December 3rd, 2018|Faculty Spotlight|

Dr. Yan Tang is an associate professor and internship/co-op advisor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach campus. What motivated you to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and higher education? I have strong interests in technologies and cognitive sciences. Being an engineering professor gives me the resources and opportunities [...]

26 Nov

Alumni Spotlight: Chris Carta

2018-11-27T10:40:37+00:00 November 26th, 2018|Alumni Spotlight Series|

Chris Carta received his master's degrees from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He is currently working as the Manager for Admissions and Marketing for the Aviation Maintenance Science department at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach campus. What is your background? I grew up in Maryland, was taking private pilot lessons with my grandfather before I drove [...]

19 Nov

Co-op/Intern Spotlight: Conrad Herold Wright

2018-11-05T10:20:40+00:00 November 19th, 2018|Co-op/Intern Spotlight Series|

Conrad Herold Wright is pursuing a degree in Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona Beach campus. He had the pleasure of interning at Censys Technologies Corporation for over a year. How did you obtain your internship? I knew a fellow student from Embry-Riddle who had gone into the company a year before.  When [...]