Apply for a Co-op Assistance Award for Summer 2017

//Apply for a Co-op Assistance Award for Summer 2017

money$$FREE MONEY$$ 

Daytona Beach students can apply for a Career Services sponsored Co-op/Internship A$$istance Award (up to $1,000) to help defray some expenses they may incur when they go on a Co-op or Internship experience during the summer semester. Money could be used for gasoline to travel to the industry site, for professional clothes to wear at work, to help pay rent, for tuition, to pay for lodging if you non-rev to Paris, or even to dine at Chick-Fil-A.

Several employers, alumni, and Career Services staff members have made donations to the Co-op/Internship A$$istance Award Program in order for Career Services to offer some deserving Co-op/Intern students a little extra money for expenses during the summer Co-op/Intern semester. Their generosity has helped to minimize a student’s financial concerns, relieving a little bit of the financial burden and therefore allowing a student to get the maximum benefit from the practical work experience. The Co-op Assistance Award Program at Embry-Riddle was selected for the second year in a row for a $10,000 GRANT from GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE which will be disbursed along with additional monies in the current Fund. The Co-op Assistance Award Program began in 2003 and will continue each summer semester, as long as funding is available. Last summer, 18 students were awarded between $50-$1000 each.

AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION, (by Sunday, April 2, 2017) candidates must meet the University Co-op/Intern Policy for eligibility and be registered in EagleHire with an approved resume uploaded.  They must have ALREADY completed the required mandatory advising session with their Program Manager to verify co-op/intern eligibility which includes meeting GPA and credit hour requirements. Applicants must have signed a Student Agreement and be a degree-seeking DB student enrolled full-time in the current and past semester in order to be considered.

Required documents include:
–     RESUME
–     ESSAY (one page max/double spaced)  Address ALL of the following:
“If you are awarded co-op assistance, explain how this (up to $1000) financial award would benefit you.
“How important has financial assistance been in your pursuit to complete your education?”
“Are there situations or circumstances that are challenging or hardships that you have had to overcome in order to continue/complete your education?”

Submissions of Resume, Transcript, and Essay are due by Sunday, April 2, 2017. You do not need to have been selected or have an official offer from a company for an internship by April 2 when you submit application, but you will need to have been selected and completed a contract by Friday, May 5, 2017.

Email documents to: The subject should be Co-op Assist_YOUR NAME_Spr17

A committee will select the Award recipients. Recipients will be awarded a Co-op/Internship A$$istance monetary Award for Summer 2017, based on the candidate’s entry and provided the recipient has been selected by a company/organization for a Summer 2017 Co-op/Internship AND has completed a  Co-op/Intern contract for a full-time experience earning 6 academic credits for undergraduate students or 3 credits for graduate students. This contract must be completed with Career Services by Friday, May 5, 2017 in order to receive a monetary Award.


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