Gulfstream Aerospace Co-op Assistance Award

//Gulfstream Aerospace Co-op Assistance Award

Sponsored by Embry-Riddle Career Services, the Co-op Assistance Award Program aids deserving students with expenses they may incur when they participate in a co-op. Money could be used for tuition, fuel to travel to the industry site, for professional clothes to wear at work or to help pay rent or living expenses while co-oping.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation has graciously given the Co-op Assistance Award $10,000 to distribute to students on the Daytona Beach campus.  Please see last week’s blog about how to apply for the Co-op Assistance Award for summer 2017 here.

Below are the testimonials from students who received the award for summer 2016.

libby“I thought I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to work for Gulfstream, but when I learned I had won this award, I was floored.”
— Libby O’Brien, aerospace engineering co-op student at Gulfstream

trevor“Acts such as this award remind me that I am not just a Co-Op at Gulfstream. I am a member of the Gulfstream family, and they are going above and beyond to ensure that I am able to pursue my dreams and reach my highest endeavors.”
— Trevor Perkins, aerospace engineering co-op student at Gulfstream


“Working for Gulfstream has been a great experience, made even better by the Gulfstream Assistance Award. Without having to worry as much about finances I have been able to really take advantage of this opportunity and expand my personal and professional horizons.”
— Skyler Singleton, aerospace engineering co-op

madeleine“One of my biggest goals in college was to intern with Gulfstream in the Human Factors Engineering department and I have been honored with such an opportunity this summer.”
— Madeleine “Emmy” E. G. Dillon, human factors psychology co-op student at Gulfstream


emmanuel“I am very grateful to Gulfstream Aeropsace for their assistance with this scholarship. It has helped tremendously to reduce the financial burden during this summer.”
— Emmanuel Cardenales, aviation maintenance science co-op student at Delta Air Lines




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