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North Charleston, SC Boeing site

Hello again! This is the continuation of my internship at Boeing. It gives me great pleasure sharing with you the amazing experiences I’ve had with Boeing so far.

A couple of months prior to my starting day in Boeing, I got a call from my hiring manager, letting me know who would be my mentor for the summer. The person I was entitled to work with was a fairly new employee who would be in charge of me and another intern in the Materials, Process & Physics Section. When my assigned mentor called me, she asked me questions such as what I wanted to learn and which computer programs I was familiar with. I really appreciated her asking these questions because that showed me that Boeing is highly concerned on the learning experience the interns get while we help the company fulfill its mission. After talking to my mentor, she informed me that I would be then working on nondestructive testing and validation of some materials that are currently undergoing research for future materials to be used in commercial aviation.

Since my section falls under Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T), the location is not in the main Charleston campus where the final assembly of the 787 Dreamliner takes place, but instead, it is in the city of Ladson, a twenty-five-minute car ride from the main site.

From what I have experienced so far, Boeing has well exceeded my expectations, thanks to the warm treatment the interns get. As an intern, I received help to relocate and to find a place to live for the summer. They also welcomed us in such an enthusiastic manner that immediately lifted our passion for Boeing and assured us that it was going to be a great summer full of learning experiences, social events, and much more!

In order to keep ourselves busy during the weekends, the interns created a GroupMe to communicate and organize fun events. So, we’ve done BBQ’s, beach outings, and happy hours. There have also been events of a larger magnitudes such as a camping trip to Asheville.

I really enjoy being a part of this group of friends, us the interns have created, because we get to learn so much from people with diverse tastes. For instance, I met a guy who is a pilot as well as an engineer, so he is been guiding me in my process of becoming a Private Pilot in the future.

Nevertheless, one of my favorite parts of working at Boeing is that it is very diverse! There are many people from different cities and nationalities. I even found a group of Colombians, just like me, that get together to watch the national soccer team play or to celebrate other Colombian holidays. This shows me how much Boeing appreciates diversity within its culture at the same time it offers an excellent work atmosphere and delivers top-notch technology in the aerospace field.

Chase your dreams,

Andrea Martinez

Flying over Charleston, South Carolina

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