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Hello all!

I’ve been at Boeing for some weeks now and every day is a great day to work because I learn something new each day, whether it is something technical or something professional.

The internship has been very informative because not only do I get to learn things related to the projects happening in my group, but I also get the opportunity to learn about other projects relating other subjects thanks to the physical proximity that I have with the other groups. In the Research and Technology building, there are about 270 scientists and engineers working on different areas such as Nondestructive Evaluation, Composite Fabrication, Electromagnetic Effects, and Chemical Technology. I’ve really liked learning about the other projects because it gets me interested into different topics of aircraft research.

One thing that I’ve liked the most so far about Boeing is that our mentors give us the opportunity to explore and help on different projects, for instance, I’ve been working with three different computer software to complete the tasks I was assigned by several people in my group. This gives me the chance to better my skills at programming and learn new skills that will help me in my professional career.

With this being my third internship, first one at Boeing, I feel like I am more prepared and experienced thanks to the education I received in school and the practice I have obtained through research projects both at ERAU and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

I believe that interning at JPL is not very different from interning at Boeing. Though the companies have different goals and mission, their intern programs are very similar since in both entities the interns get assigned a mentor and different projects to work on. But not everything is just work, there are many fun and learning activities scheduled for the interns to help us network while learning about the company. As a matter of fact, I got the opportunity to sit down and talk to JPL’s deputy director and Boeing South Carolina’s director at networking events. In addition, the environment I am now at Boeing is very similar to the one I was used to at JPL because both are Research and Development centers.

One of the major differences between working at JPL and Boeing is that at JPL, I would “geek out” about spacecraft and solar system exploration, but now I get to talk more about airplanes and aviation in general. I love both topics equally, so I do not mind. But I feel that thanks to my background in aerospace, I have been able to demonstrate my knowledge on aircraft and spacecraft. For instance, some of my intern colleagues at Boeing may not know some aviation terms such as empennage, winglets, elevators, or wide/narrow body. All of this makes me feel like I am in the right place to work!

Since I am now an upper-classman, I feel like that I have more responsibility on my plate. The tasks that I get assigned now are more challenging than the tasks that I was assigned when I interned after my freshman year. Nevertheless, I like the challenge because it allows me to learn many things while I prepare myself for more demanding courses such as the design classes.

Although I may encounter a burden in my tasks, I am always able to ask somebody for help since there is always somebody who will be willing to offer to help. But to balance the work load, us the interns get the opportunity to visit many labs and tour the facilities and the products. In the following weeks, I will have the opportunity to tour Boeing’s Dreamlifter and Dreamliner aircraft. Couldn’t get any better than that!

My advice right now is to “Strive for Excellence”

Chase your dreams,

Andrea Martinez

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