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Thanks to my internships, I have realized that having a positive and enthusiastic attitude is oftentimes regarded as being more valuable than your actual engineering skills. What we learn in school is very important in the industry, but a few the most important things we are going to learn while we are in school are teamwork, leadership, and networking skills.

During my internship at Boeing, I have met some extraordinary people such as the Director of Boeing Research and Technology and the Vice President of Operations in South Carolina. These executives shared with me and the rest of the interns valuable information that will be helpful in our professional decision making. Having the opportunity to hear from higher ups is inspiring since they all have particular stories that only portray their perseverance and motivate us to challenge ourselves.

I appreciate how Boeing constantly strives to keep the interns motivated through these encounters with executives because it shows that they care about our professional development. They like to invest time on us because we are the future of the aerospace industry.

Going back to having a good attitude while at work, I always strive to leave a good impact primarily thanks to my personality and then my engineering knowledge. Smiling at people, saying hello to everyone in the morning, learning their names, and asking them how their work is going are things that we often take for granted during an internship but that actually matter and say a lot about the type of person we are. I like to be known as a very enthusiastic person, passionate for what I do; and that is the image I try to leave in my team. It may be frustrating that sometimes we do not learn everything we face in an internship at school, but thankfully, college taught us how to access the information and use it appropriately. This has worked well with me since I have used tools that I learned in college when unsure about something to help me solve the problem.

My fellow Boeing interns are a very special people who are full of talent. I have made many friends during the events Boeing organizes or that we set up as a group. As a matter of fact, thanks to this internship I met a Daytona Beach student, Priyanka Patel, who is interning at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Our diversity binds us together as we learn more about each other every day. I love learning about the cities everyone is from and what everybody’s hobbies are. Thanks to the interns I have met, I have obtained ideas of what I would like to do after I graduate or what I would like to be involved while still in school. In addition to this, I have networked with interns from other Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) chapters which will help our own ERAU SHPE stay in close contact with other chapters for future events. Thanks to staying involved with the Boeing’s SHPE and NSBE chapters, I have expanded my professional network.

To keep track of all the people I meet at Boeing, I created an excel spreadsheet with the names of the people I meet. I update this spreadsheet in a daily basis with at least one or two new names.

Make an impact everywhere you go and always start with a smile!

Chase your dreams,

Andrea Martinez

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