CareerSpots: Global/Intercultural Fluency

//CareerSpots: Global/Intercultural Fluency

Watch some new advice on Global/Intercultural Fluency Solving through this CareerSpots video:

• Global/Intercultural fluency is about understanding different opinions and cultures and being able to navigate these differences in a respectful way.
• Working with a diverse group of people helps to create a global, inclusive thought process in the workplace.
• It’s critical to be able to work with different cultures no matter what job you do. For example, in the manufacturing industry, an employee may talk to three different continents in a single day, trying to deliver a piece of metal to one shop, and it can take literally people all around the globe to get it there.
• If you’re not able to communicate well with people from different backgrounds, it will likely make it more challenging to work within a diverse work environment.
• Global/Intercultural fluency skills can be developed by being open to and understanding cultures other than your own.
• Learning a new language or participating in social organizations which focus on a various cultures can improve your global/intercultural fluency skills.
• Studying abroad is a good way to step outside your comfort zone and learn about other cultures. It also helps to showcase to an employer that you are open to new cultures.
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