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By: Jack Harty

I always considered the Industry/Career Expo my favorite time of the year while attending Embry-Riddle. For starters, it was amazing to see roughly 100 companies representing a variety of industries all in one room, and all were offering an endless number of opportunities through internship and full-time positions. Additionally, I enjoyed Expo as it allowed me to really start thinking about my career and the ability to network with alumni.

Later on during my time at Riddle, I began to like the Expo even more; I had the opportunity to work in the Career Services Office as a student assistant and ambassador which put me right in the middle of the planning and executing phases of the Expo. It was exciting to see first-hand how much effort goes into putting on the well choreographed ballet.

After graduating in December 2017, I was a bit bummed that my time working with Career Services and attending Expo might be over, but thankfully, I was wrong! I soon realized that I could be an employer, and I was able to complete the “trifecta” of seeing the Expo from the student, staff, and employer perspectives with the Fall 2018 Expo.

It was a much different pace as an employer, and the day literally flew by! It was filled with talking with students about the industry, their career goals, what I do for a living, and opportunities at my company.

While talking to a group of first year students, I was reminded of my first Expo in Fall 2014; I clearly remember chatting about the industry and internship opportunities with a Delta representative that day and being practically interviewed on the spot. It was nerve-racking but enjoyable to chat with an alum and learn more about Network Planning. Now in the four years since my first Expo, I interned twice at Delta and currently work full-time for the company in a role I love.

Coming back to campus as a recruiter when your an alum is quite beneficial. First, it helps students strike up a conversation with you a lot easier as you have been in their shoes. Additionally, you know about their coursework and standards they have been held too. Plus, you can provide encouragement and unique incite about the industry and what it is like to work in industry full-time. Lastly, it is also a great way to visit with some of your fellow alumni, former professors, and the Career Services Staff!

Jack Harty graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona Beach with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business Administration in December 2017. While on campus, he worked as a student assistant and ambassador for the Career Services Office on campus. He is now a flight schedule analyst for Delta Air Lines.

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