Internship Series: Landing the Position

//Internship Series: Landing the Position

Hi everyone! My name is Brittany Morgan and I’m currently a junior studying Computer Science. I have a summer internship with Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, California doing Systems Engineering. I received this internship at the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) National Conference last semester in Minnesota.

Before the conference, I made sure I was ready to talk to employers by going on the conference website, looking up all the employers I wanted to speak with and applying to their internship postings directly. I also downloaded the conference app which was super helpful as it had the master schedule of workshop times and networking events that I could favorite and add to create my personal schedule for the day. After this, I made sure I had multiple copies of my resume ready to go.

The Career Fair was huge, which was slightly overwhelming at first, but by taking a lap around the fair to take everything in, I calmed down and was able to talk with multiple employers. With Northrop, I was offered an interview after talking with one of the recruiters for a couple of minutes. I had my interview thirty minutes later and was given an on the spot offer afterwards. The whole process was extremely quick, including the interview. All the recruiters were really informative and NICE!

I received multiple interviews and offers from this conference, as well as some offers from Embry-Riddle’s Fall Career Expo. Deciding between companies was not an easy thing to do! The offers from other employers did not all come at the same time and I ended up juggling offer expiration dates. I chose Northrop because of how I felt in the interview as well as the tasks that I would be doing during the internship. Talking with everyone at Northrop, I had a really good feeling about them because all the employees there seemed to love their job and couldn’t say a bad thing about the company. They also explained to me that there was wiggle room to move positions and projects in the company, which I thought was really important.

I chose to get credit for this internship because why not! I’ll be learning things that are applicable to my major and could take some credits off my upcoming semesters, lightening the load and making it less expensive as well. The process through Career Services is not difficult and paying for one credit instead of three isn’t too bad.

I look forward to my time in California and everything that I will be learning with Northrop-Grumman!

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