Internship Series: First Week at NGC

//Internship Series: First Week at NGC

by Brittany Morgan

My internship at Northrop Grumman started really smoothly! To prepare for my first day, I did normal preparation tasks like setting out my business professional clothes the night before, making sure I had all my first-day documents (passport and driver’s license to verify citizenship), and packing a snack just in case.  I also wanted to be sure that I would know a few friendly faces on the first day and was up to date on any new notifications, so I checked in with our intern group message and also rechecked my personal email. After this, I was feeling really prepared for the first day!

Having an internship previously, I knew the first day was going to be an information overload scenario, and this internship did not disappoint. My first day was an all-day orientation which turned out to be really, really helpful! Not only did Northrop go over rules and policies, but they also helped us get connected with after work programs and extracurricular activities where we could learn new skills and network in the process. We also discussed building locations, security information, and eventually met with our managers to get to know briefly about our summer projects. In my experience, many interns come away from the first day feeling overwhelmed, under prepared, a little excited, and pretty nervous for the next day…but this is completely normal! Almost everyone feels this way after the first day and it usually gets better in a couple of days as things become more familiar.

My first week was filled with organizational tasks like getting to know where I work, who I work with, and the details of my project (the acronyms!! There’s sooo many!). One of the most calming things I’ve heard from my coworkers and managers is that, as an intern, it’s okay not to know anything because we’re learning. That’s the point of our internship: to learn and gain experience while having a little fun. Everyone at Northrop is very encouraging in helpful in this way. No one belittles or makes anyone feel bad for asking a question, they honestly seem to love interns and explaining concepts to us.

So far, I’m enjoying learning new things at my internship with Northrop Grumman in LA. I hope everyone who is interning this summer is having an enjoyable, eye opening summer as well!


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