Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laksh Narayanaswami

//Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Laksh Narayanaswami

Dr. Swami

Dr. Narayanaswami has teaching and research interests primarily in the general area of thermal sciences, specifically in propulsion and combustion. He also has interest in gas dynamics and has conducted research both as research participant and under contract with the then Morgantown Energy technology center, Department of Energy. He is also a recipient of AD Welliver Fellowship, The Boeing Company. Dr. Narayanaswami has publications in the areas of rocket combustion instability, pulse combustion and chaos. He has a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Narayanaswami was the initiator of various program and course proposals in the AE department. He originated the proposal for the AE accelerated program as well as the proposal for establishing the propulsion design track of the AE curriculum. Also, he originated proposals for a number of existing undergraduate and graduate courses in aerospace engineering.

What motivated you to pursue a career in this industry?

There is no single reason for this. I chose, for no apparent reason, to specialize in aeronautical engineering for my undergraduate degree. As I progressed through the undergraduate program, I became more and more interested in the area. Perhaps the fact that the field of aerospace engineering involves a varity of subject areas (aerodynamics, structures, materials, propulsion) may have something to do with my fascination with it.

Discuss your background. What motivated you to come to Embry-Riddle?

I earned my undergraduate degree at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India. Soon after, I came to the USA to join the graduate program at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, where I earned the PhD degree. I came to Embry-Riddle because I felt the university valued teaching and I believed that I could make a valuable contribution through this endeavor.

What is the biggest highlight of your career so far?

I would not single out any particular event as the highlight of my career. Whenever our students excel in their careers, I feel rewarded.

If you could go back to your college days, what would you do differently and why?

I thoroughly enjoyed my student life, and wouldn’t change a thing.

What are your plans for the future?

Continue doing what I am doing.

What skills/strengths make our graduates stand out in the work force?

In addition to good communication skills, our graduates, I believe, have a good general understanding of aerospace engineering, which enables them to easily fit into a variety of aerospace jobs. They are primed for making important contributions through engineering and leadership positions in the field.

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