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//Career Services Going Places Podcast

Career Services launched their podcast series in spring 2019. Subscribe to the Going Places! with Career Services Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Ryan Mazon, the host, gives some insight into the Going Places! with Career Services Podcast.

Discuss how the podcast came into existence?

The podcast was originally an idea that spawned from the genius of our award-winning University Radio team: WIKD.

They were really just looking for different ways of engaging the university staff/faculty outside of the student body, so they approached different departments like Career Services and Dean of Students about potentially hosting a podcast discussing different topics and services.

What topics are discussed on the Going Places podcast?

Our podcast team in Career Services tries sincerely to not only tackle hot topics but in an honest way. For instance, our episode that wrapped up our Spring semester of podcasts discussed “Life After Graduation”. We were brutally authentic in what students need to expect, and unfiltered in the personal and professional aspects of Eagles who have made this transition. We plan on unpacking other needed topics such as employer feedback, interviewing, and much more. We are also always open to suggestions!

Who is a part of the podcast?

Our Podcast “Going Places” seeks to have anyone and everyone we can on air including employers, full-time staff and faculty at Riddle, and even students and alumni. We believe the content is diverse and therefore can serve a multitude of populations in different stages of life.

What has been the most enjoyable part of creating a podcast?

The most enjoyable part of creating a podcast for me has been the shear adventure of doing and learning something new. It is a way for me to push myself professionally, and is always worthwhile, especially when you see the genuine awe and spark of curiosity organically occurring in the team we host for a given podcast recording.

The laughs we get as a team doing something so different as being in a recording studio discussing what we dive into every day is always a highlight as well.

Anything else you want to share?

Be on the lookout for our next series categorized as “Fireside Chats” where we have more personal conversations about frequently asked-about topics.

And again, we are open to suggestions. We want to discuss aspects of career development that listeners want to hear!

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