Fall 2019 Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo Employer Feedback

/, Industry/Career Expo/Fall 2019 Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo Employer Feedback

The Fall Industry/Career Expo was held on Tuesday, October 8th, 2019.  It was a successful and record breaking event.  The Daytona Beach Career Services Office hosted 116 companies and over 300 recruiters exhibiting. Approximately 2800 students, alumni, and guests attended the event.  Over 270 interviews were conducted during the week of the Career Expo.

The Daytona Beach Career Services Office asked employers attending the Daytona Beach Industry/Career Expo to provide us with specific advice that we could share with students and alumni as well as compliments, comments, or suggestions.   Below are some of the insights they were happy to share.

  • Great group of student, very impressed. Well dressed and presented themselves in a professional manner- AAR Corp.
  • Students overall were very professional- ALPA
  • Students were eager and prepared (resume and pitch), didn’t do a good job researching companies in advance- Arete Associates
  • Well prepared, great resumes. Keep showing up.  It’s who you know- Envoy Air
  • Dressed for success and asked great questions- Era Helicopters
  • Overall great students. When you graduate, try to find employment in your field of study.  If the two do not align, it hurts your overall competitiveness- FBI
  • The students seem to be very prepared and have done their research about our company. We appreciate that they know what types of positions and areas that they are interested in. Some of the students also had already formally applied to our website and were following up on their applications- which was great!- Frontier Airlines
  • We were very impressed with the dress and personalities of the students- Gale Associates
  • Research companies prior to coming to our table. I’m only as excited about you as you are about us- Gulfstream Aerospace
  • Most professionally dressed, great job- Jet Access Aviation
  • Highlight project experience- NASIC
  • Need to work on initial pitches, need to research companies more- OGARAJETS
  • Well prepared, inquisitive, solid young professionals. Have students come early, recruiters are tired at the end of the day; better quality for students in the AM- Oliver Wyman
  • Research the company first so you have a basic understanding of a company before approaching us- PAI Consulting
  • Too many students didn’t do research on company beforehand- Parametric Solutions
  • Students are always well prepared- Trans States Airlines
  • Would be good to have more graduating seniors attending the fair- Universal Weather & Aviation

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