Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Vandedrinck

//Alumni Spotlight: Caroline Vandedrinck

Caroline Vandedrinck graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and is now the Vice President and General Manager for SR Technics Group.

Discuss your career since graduating from ERAU.

I graduated in 1991 from ERAU with a BS degree in Aerospace Engineering. At that time the employment market was tight and jobs were not plentiful. I started a sales engineering position with a regional aircraft OEM in Europe and soon realized that I needed some business classes which led to graduating with an MBA in international business by the summer of 1995, while working full time. The year 1995 was another transition year, I moved back to the USA and started a sales position with Pratt & Whitney and stayed almost 9 years. I then progressed to sales positions with increasing responsibility at Alcoa (aerospace raw material), Barnes Aerospace (manufacturing of aerospace products), Sikorsky (Commercial and Military helicopters)  and today I am the Vice President and General Manager for SR Technics, a company focused on commercial MRO.

Can you discuss your current role as VP – Americas for SR Technics Group?

The MRO industry is growing significantly year over year. It is an exciting time to be in this segment of the aviation industry. The ageing aircraft and the shear number of aircraft being added to fleet constitutes this growth in MRO.

SR Technics was born out of the demise of Swissair, SR Technics was the maintenance arm and became a standalone company with headquarters in Switzerland. Our company focuses on engine maintenance, airframe maintenance, component maintenance. Line maintenance and maintenance training services. Our team in the US office comprises of vendor management experts, procurement experts, sales people, component traders and warehousing and logistics experts. The office is in Boca Raton and the warehouse near Miami airport. We are always looking for more enthusiastic team players to join us. Specifically we are looking for supply chain managers, vendor management specialists and sales managers. Please go to our website for more details.

Can you tell us about your various roles outside of your current job and how you give back to ERAU?

My current role keeps me quite busy however I do want to give back to ERAU and I am doing that through teaching as an adjunct professor the aviation maintenance management course in ERAU’s Brazilian aviation management program. It was very rewarding designing the course, teaching it online for 6 weeks and then having the opportunity to meet the 30 students for an intensive week of face-to-face interaction. I am equally excited to have been part last month in the launch of ERAU’s Women Network and look forward to be a significant part of that going forward.

What advice do you have for professionals looking for mid-level management positions?

Find a subject or an area of expertise that you excel in and are passionate about and build your career around that. This will make your job not feel like a job.

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