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From Daytona Beach Career Services:

Daytona Beach CampusWelcome back, Eagles! The Career Services team here in Daytona Beach is excited for your return to campus because the start of a new semester always brings great energy and the start of a new year (and decade) gets everyone motivated to meet their goals. If any of your 2020 goals are career-related (and there’s a good chance they are), we are here to help. Take advantage of the services and resources our office provides by getting started with Handshake. You can access it directly through single sign-on in ERNIE. If you’re already familiar with Handshake but haven’t taken full advantage of it, now is the time! Over 900 universities are now utilizing the system, along with over 400,000 employers. If your profile is public, reputable employers can actually go into the system and find you so it’s important to activate your account and make sure it looks as pristine as your resume (we can help with that too).

We have some great events planned for you this semester including Career Week, which will include a prep rally (think information fair where you can go up and ask us anything about specific topics related to preparing for the big day), mock interviewing day, networking etiquette event, resume reviews, and more. The Spring Industry/Career Expo will be held on Tuesday, February 25th from 9am-3pm and we are very excited about the companies that have registered so far. We already have the Career Fair Plus app up and ready – if it’s already on your phone, just make sure it is updated. If you need to download it again, it can be found on the App Store or Google Play. Other events that we are excited about include a Pratt & Whitney panel on Women Leading the Way in STEM, welcome back events hosted by Northrop Grumman, lunch and learn sessions on fresh new topics, and an information session for students interested in participating in this year’s Boeing Co-Pilot Mentoring Program which is open to all students. We will also be hosting our JCPenney SUIT-UP Event again, but are moving it to April 19 so that students with internships or new jobs can save big on the professional attire they will need for work. You can stay up to date on all of our upcoming events in Handshake and on Instagram.

We have a team of Program Managers who are experienced in helping students succeed in the competitive employment market. We have partnered with the Dean of Students Office and Student Union & Student Engagement to make sure that the career development assistance you receive also helps you to identify which activities you can participate in, both on and off campus, to stand out to employers. Through various methods, we will help you articulate that experience and the value you can bring to an organization when you meet with a prospective employer. The program, Eagle Elevate, is being piloted around campus and you should start to hear more about it over time. Check out the link to learn more about the program and the eight key career readiness competencies that employers are seeking in candidates.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Check us out on Handshake, our website, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Stop by our office, meet our amazing team of Career Peers, or make an appointment with your Program Manager. Take advantage of the resources we have to help you meet your 2020 (and beyond) goals!

Wishing you all the best in the year ahead,

Alicia Smyth
Executive Director, Career Services, Daytona Beach Campus


From Prescott Career Services:

Welcome back to the beautiful Prescott campus of ERAU.  I hope you have had a wonderful Holiday break and excited about starting spring semester 2020. For those students just starting their ERAU journey “Welcome”.   Our primary goal in career services is to help empower students to connect their ERAU educational experience with internship, co-op and full time career start opportunity.  Students become empowered when they take advantage of the opportunities to grow that are available to them.  Be aware of what is happening coming out of the career services office.   Staying informed, aware and taking action will be well worth the effort.

To help in this area a few questions that could help.  Do you know who your career services manager is for your degree area?  Have you established and updated your Handshake profile and resume?  Are you planning to take advantage of workshop sessions offered?  How confident are you in your ability to network, conduct an intern or full time job search, interview?  Do you know what employers are seeking in preferred candidates?   If you need to brush up or learn the answers to any of these questions, stop by career services.  Often times it is not what you know but whom you know.  Individuals in career services are good people to know.  We look forward to you stopping by and saying hello.

Have a great spring semester.

Kevin L. Hewerdine
Executive Director of Career Services & Corporate Relations, Prescott Arizona Campus


From Worldwide Career Services:

Happy New Year from Worldwide Career Services!

The entrance of the new decade brings exciting developments to the Worldwide campus which will positively enhance your student experience. First, we’re excited to welcome Pablo Alvarez to the Worldwide Campus where he will lead the continued growth of Student Affairs and Career Services as Dean of Students. Pablo previously served as Director of Admissions of Daytona Beach campus and earned an Master of Science in Aeronautical Science and Business Administration in 2016. He has been an ardent ERAU advocate for 11 years. In addition, please help us to welcome new Career Services managers, Andrea Armstrong and Rose Carlson to the WW Career Services team for undergraduate and graduate students and alumni. Need a free resume review or other career assistance?  Contact our Worldwide Career Services Office at 386.226.3737 or 6191.

Stay tuned for the announcement and release of our inaugural Worldwide Virtual Community this month in January 2020! This new resource will allow Worldwide students, faculty and staff to access the university’s online, interactive virtual environment on any electronic device with their ERAU credentials. Similar to Facebook, the platform will pioneer features and apps to assist in connecting and collaborating across the entire Worldwide community, while also building a strong sense of college spirit and pride in a virtual environment.

We welcome you to 2020 and wish you much success! As you begin your new academic year, we encourage active, current students to review and consider participating in available co-op/internship opportunities. The Co-op/Internship (COIN) Program is a great way to enhance your academic knowledge with real world industry experience with quality employers. For additional information, contact your Career Services Manager or login to ERNIE to access and update your Handshake profile with your resume. We’re here for you…every step of the way!


Arnold James
Director of Career Services, Worldwide Campus

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