Tips for Working Remotely/Transitioning to Online Classes

//Tips for Working Remotely/Transitioning to Online Classes

As the world moves online with the need to contain COVID-19, it is necessary to think how to be the most effective from home. Whether you are starting to work remotely or beginning the transition from in-person classes to online, here are some tips to help you be successful:

  1. Stick to a schedule – Start by coming up with times that you are working or completing schoolwork. You may still have to work from 8am-5pm or your employer may be flexible with your situation if kids are home. Students should still make sure they are setting time aside each day to complete schoolwork for each class. You may have to dig extra deep to find some self-motivation to stick to your plan.
  2. Get dressed – Avoid working in your pajamas. Though you may not need to dress as you would going into the office, changing out of your sleep attire and into regular clothes will help you follow your routine.
  3. Designate work and relaxation areas – Create a space in your home that is dedicated solely to work that will allow you to focus on being efficient and productive. Avoid working from your bed or other area that you associate with relaxation.
  4. Continue to be social (online) – There are many virtual platforms out there to take advantage of to continue to connect with co-workers and friends. Check-in on colleagues, friends, and family throughout the day via the various technology you have available.
  5. Take time for health – Mental and physical health are very important during these times. Take Dedicate time to take a walk outside, stretch, meditate, or any activity that allows you to de-stress.

As we continue our work online, internship remotely or school digitally, additional tips and insights to be successful will continue to be shared. Stay well!

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