Connect with Employers Recruiting ERAU Students & Alumni on Handshake

//Connect with Employers Recruiting ERAU Students & Alumni on Handshake

Handshake is ERAU’s Career Services job search system, and it is your primary source for career opportunities and resources specifically geared for ERAU majors. Handshake includes valuable tools and resources for ERAU student and alumni to use during the job search process.

Handshake is the only place that connects you, ERAU, and employers together. In fact, Handshake has the most opportunities for students and new college grads of any job platform. 

Why should you use Handshake?

Get hired: Discover and land jobs and internships

  • Opportunities for all students, all year round
  • Gain valuable work experience and make some money during the semester

Get discovered: Get messaged by employers that want to hire you

  • Employers are actively searching for students. The career search is not a one-way street
  • Complete your profile – Students with a full profile are 5x as likely to be messaged by employers

Get connected: Connect with your peers for tips and advice

  • See company reviews from your classmates – Find the best places to work according to your classmates. Compare opportunities across thousands of companies
  • Q&A – Make the right career decisions with the right information from your classmates. Ask any career-related question to the community.
  • Peer messaging – Ask real students real questions. Tap into a network of experienced students and alumni to get relevant advice on your career journey.

Get it all in one place: From career-building resources to events on your campus

  • Early access to Career Services
  • Request appointments with your Career Services Program Manager/Advisor
    • Resume reviews
    • Mock interviews
    • Career Planning
  • Register for career fairs or events
  • Interview for jobs and internships on campus
  • Meet employers at on-campus and virtual events
    • Employers regularly host on-campus and virtual events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet with them – whether it is a career fair, info session, on-campus interview, industry panel or even a coffee chat.

Get started: Activate your Handshake student account today

    • ERAU Students: You can log in to your account via ERNIE > Tools > Handshake or via the Handshake app
    • ERAU Alumni First time users: Follow the instructions at to help you determine if you have an existing Handshake account and learn how to activate it (or how to create a new one if one does not already exist)
    • You can access a short video tutorial on how log on/activate your alumni account here

A Student’s Perspective on Handshake
By: Sada Sey, Career Services Student Ambassador

I have been highly utilizing Handshake since my freshman year, and I must say it’s quite an experience. Handshake is by far one of the most fantastic software/tools that can provide an easy path for students’ career development. Handshake is a tool developed to help students research and connect with employers. The tool has a whole bunch of helpful resources, such as finding jobs/internships, connecting with alumni, networking with employers, signing up for career events, and also signing up to meet with career advisors.
At first, learning about Handshake was a new experience for me, and I felt it might take me a while to get the hang of the overall resource. However, that wasn’t the case. By far, I can admit that Handshake is one of the most easily navigable software. Its setup is fascinatingly developed to help students easily access potential information quickly. With Handshake, I can easily search for specific employers and get contacts that can easily link me to the company personnel, which I believe is sometimes hard to find on the company’s website.
Getting more involved with the tool potentially aids me in prioritizing the academic standards that correlate with employers’ preferences. In that way, I can be in a better position to present myself to recruiters. Meaning, the tool provides almost any information we would need to secure a professional career of our choice.
Nevertheless, Handshake has helped me to build an excellent connection with a couple of big recruiters. It is incredible to realize how a company is highly interested in you without actually knowing your capabilities, which I was able to achieve by developing a reliable connection with recruiters. I probably wouldn’t be able to achieve such without the existence of Handshake. As students, we have a long way to achieve our career goals; however, I believe exploiting Handshake provides a broader view on how to achieve those goals.



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