How to Access and Use GoinGlobal

//How to Access and Use GoinGlobal

By: Tommey Liang

Accessible through Handshake under “Career Center” and then “Resources,” GoinGlobal is a one-stop-shop resource that provides internship and job seekers the opportunity to conduct localized country research along with the ability to search and apply to companies in more than 120 locations all over the globe.

This will serve as a step-by-step guide of the features of the system that includes location-specific career guides, granting access to more than 16 million internship and job postings, how to tailor your resume, curriculum vitae (CV) or cover letter to the company and position and a wealth of information about H1B visas, which is connected with work permits and visa regulations. GoinGlobal also contains an employer directory for prospective candidates to learn more about company descriptions, total employee count, annual revenue and more.

Starting with the Career Guides tab:

You can gather information about job search resources, hiring trends and industry overviews, resume/CV guidelines, interview tips and cultural tips from countries in South America the likes of Argentina and Chile to Southeast Asia such as Indonesia and Malaysia. It is especially important to check out the country-specific resume guidelines due to some nations requiring candidates to include a headshot (photo) of themselves on the resume, a contrast to US resume standards.


Jobs and Internships

A comprehensive, easy-to-use job and internship search function. You are able to type in keywords in both English and the native language. As shown above it is possible to type in “Architekt” and it will still appear in searches. When typing an Occupation, there are many auto-fill selections available, therefore please make sure to select the appropriate one. Specifying a country is mandatory to limit the number of searches for a particular location.

The H1B Plus portal of GoinGlobal is another beneficial feature for job seekers who are looking for a full-time role in the US. The candidate is able to find out which companies have put out H1B visas for its international workers since 2009. You are able to search by occupation or job title and keyword, the company name and any particular year, or all of the years since 2009, as well as the city, state or metro area.

The Employer Directory function allows users to do a deep-dive into companies such as the annual revenue and locations, the general overview of their industry and the total employee size. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is used by the US, Canada and Mexico to identify and categorize businesses by industry. For example Finance and Insurance (52) has a code along with Professional, Scientific and Technical Services (54). Should you want to browse through employers by NAICS Code, you can select that as an option at the top of the search function.

Fundamentally be sure to use GoinGlobal if you are interested in seeking a position overseas, desiring to make your resume or cover letter compliant with the country’s guidelines, or even are looking for which companies that have applied for H1B visas. It is a convenient, one-stop-shop platform that has a wide array of features that will assist you greatly in the internship and job search. To view a video tutorial of how to access and use GoinGlobal please click here.


A graduate of the University of Florida and master’s graduate of University of Central Florida, Tommey Liang is a program manager for aerospace engineering, computational mathematics and airworthiness engineering (master’s only) students at Career Services – Daytona Beach. Prior to Embry-Riddle, he served as a City Year AmeriCorps Member in Jacksonville, an ESL teacher in China, and a graduate teaching assistant at UCF Experiential Learning. He enjoys watching sports, movies, anime, playing videos games and spending time with his partner. Feel free to connect with him on social media: Twitter | Instagram

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