3, 2, 1…Liftoff Your Career with Career Competencies

//3, 2, 1…Liftoff Your Career with Career Competencies

The best way to get an internship or start a career is to be the candidate that employers are looking for.  Essentially, employers are looking to hire people with technical competencies and career competencies.  Students will acquire technical competencies through their coursework at Embry-Riddle.  The career competencies are acquired through co-curricular engagement, such as involvement with clubs and organizations, student employment, research, special projects, etc.

What are the Career Competencies?

The career competencies are collaboration, communication, critical thinking, digital fluency, global fluency, leadership, professionalism, and career preparation.

How can students document and share the career competencies?

By participating in Eagle Elevate, students develop, document, and share the career competencies employers seek when hiring.  After completing the 3 steps, students earn a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn, Handshake, and social media.  Students will be able to continue sharing badges even after they graduate because the badges are housed in a separate Badgr account that students will keep beyond graduation.


How can students access Eagle Elevate to start earning digital badges?

Students can access the course in Canvas.

What are the three steps to earn digital badges?

              Digital badges are earned in three steps:  Learn It, Do It, and Show It.

  1. Learn It

Students can take an ERAU course, complete 3+ hours in workshops/training, or explain how they learned it their own way.

  1. Do It

Students complete 45 hours in 2 or more activities to earn badges.

Activities could include: alternative spring break, capstone project, club/organization leadership and participation, internship or co-op, on-campus employment, research, service learning, study abroad, or other experiences.

  1. Show it

Students complete a resume component that explains their activities and record a video response to a behavioral interview question related to the competency.

How do students benefit?

By earning digital badges in the competencies, Embry-Riddle students can stand out when applying for internships or jobs.  Digital badges give students:

  1. Recognition—for things they already do or have already done
  2. Visibility—by sharing what they have accomplished with potential employers.
  3. Distinction—by standing out for having gone above & beyond and proving it.

How do employers benefit?

Employers benefit because they will be able to quickly identify high-quality students who have career competencies.  They can select the student students to interview for open positions by looking at the badges the students have earned.

By completing the 3 steps and earning digital badges, Embry-Riddle students will be ready to launch their careers to the next level.

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