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This summer, Program Manager on the Daytona Beach campus, Ryan Mazon, has been informing Career Services’ social media followers about topics ranging from interviewing to LinkedIn. He gives some insights on how the Career Developminute took shape below.

How did you come up with the persona of Ry Ry the Career Guy and the Career Developminutes?

As many can guess, the name Ry Ry the Career Guy is inspired by Bill Nye the Science Guy. Furthermore, the idea in the career development context came from this need of our career advice being more approachable and digestible. As a kid I loved how Bill Nye made info I should know but did not want to learn about, more fun. I explored this unique approach by creating and branding my own persona. However, my goal is to not make the delivery elementary in any way; more so, I wanted to bring levity and charm to what can already be a complex topic, let alone a daunting time of economic change. And finally, I wanted to title the IGTV Series something approachable as well, so one of the first ideas I had was the wordplay on Career Development. And I ran with it!

Why is it important for students and alumni to watch the Career Developminute? What will they learn?

It is important for students, alum, and even our entire Riddle community to watch the Career Developminute Series because it is newer, modern info within professional development that requires less commitment. Viewers will find that I touch on the normal, hot topics broadly, but I will plug real time commentary and tips based on questions and comments we are getting from students/alum now. Typically this type of info is included in longer articles, presentations, or workshops. Making these short, digestible videos has been a primary objective since the genesis of this project, mainly out of respect of feedback we get about our service delivery and of course: everyone’s schedule.

Can you give us a sneak peak of any upcoming ideas?

Viewers can expect me to continue to do Career Developminutes on Networking and Job Searching since there are multiple dimensions of those topics to touch on. However, some new segments coming up could include anything from online branding, to the mental health side of coping with the changing job market. At the end of the day though, this is the consumer’s product: we have been and always will continue to create content based on the feedback, questions, and commentary of our viewers as a whole. So please, comment and/or message us on Instagram with any thoughts you may have on this series! We want to make it worthwhile for all watching, especially since career development is extremely important now, more than ever.

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Ryan Mazon is a Program Manager with ERAU Daytona Beach Career Services. He is a graduate of Florida State University and holds a Master’s in Career Counseling. Check out our podcast “Going Places!” that Ryan spearheads to learn more career development info.

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