Are You Ready for the Workforce?

//Are You Ready for the Workforce?

By: Christie Miller

Perhaps a better question is ‘Have you developed career competencies?’ Career competencies are a set of skills that employers seek when hiring new employees.  Learn more about these competencies from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). The competencies are collaboration, communication, critical thinking, digital fluency, global fluency, leadership, professionalism, and career preparation. People who have developed these career competencies and are able to demonstrate them will stand out against other candidates when applying for a job or internship.   Embry-Riddle has a program to help students develop these competencies called Eagle Elevate.

The History:  The conversation about career competencies started at Embry-Riddle in 2017.  After several small-scale pilot programs over the years, Eagle Elevate has evolved into what it is today:  a digital badging system to help students develop and document their career competencies.  Many students participated in the program and earned badges.   At the end of last semester, Eagle Elevate hosted a challenge with the person earning the most badges winning $150 of professional attire.  Cole Holler won the challenge and earned all eight badges.

The Present and Future: Now, in our ever-changing and uncertain circumstances, the job market has changed.  To be ready to adapt to those changes, career competencies are going to be even more important.  The following articles show how skills are going to be an essential part of the hiring process in these unusual times.

NBC News

Hechinger Report

Inside Higher Ed

Eagle Elevate will expand this academic school year.  It will be introduced in UNIV 101.  It will also be a part of EGR 101 and BA 101, so incoming freshman will be aware of the opportunity to begin preparing for a career right away regardless of major.  Sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students are also invited to participate.

How It Works:  To earn a digital badge, students must join Eagle Elevate in Canvas and complete three steps

  1. Learn It– learn about the competency at a workshop, conference, or as part of a course
  2. Do It–practice the competency through involvement in a club or organization, as part of a course, or through an internship, co-op, or employment
  3. Show It–be able to articulate that competency on their resume or in an interview situation.

Students can select which badges to earn, or they can work toward all eight badges.  All students will be able to develop the skills that employers value.  Earning badges through Eagle Elevate could be key to landing that internship while at Embry-Riddle or getting a great job at graduation.  Contact Christie Miller for more information or to get involved.


Christie Miller is the Assistant Director for Career Readiness.  She runs the Eagle Elevate program to help students develop their career competencies and organizes service learning opportunities.  She also teaches Fundamentals of Communication.  She serves on the Green Initiative Committee promote sustainability on campus. 

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