Finding Success through a Year of Turmoil: Nishith Shah

//Finding Success through a Year of Turmoil: Nishith Shah

In these difficult times of COVID-19 aviation industry was one of the most affected sector, so I knew I had to do something different to land myself a Co-Op opportunity. In order to be prepared for the Career Fair, I took part in the Boeing Career Mentoring Program and was paired up with a mentor from Boeing who had the same background and similar internship experience as me. I took full advantage of this opportunity and used to meet my mentor twice a week. In the calls, I used to review my resume, rehearse my elevator pitch, and do practice interview questions. This allowed me to gain confidence in myself and be prepared when the time comes to present myself. During the summer, I got my resume reviewed by multiple people from the industry, my professor and the Career Services Office. This way I was ready to apply at multiple companies by the end of summer. Applying early always help as when the time comes to attend the Career Fair you are a step ahead of others.

In October, I saw that Embry-Riddle students were allowed to attend the career fair in Melbourne at the Florida Institute of Technology. I took this advantage and attended the virtual career fair. This opportunity allowed me to gain confidence and be prepared for the Embry-Riddle Prescott and Daytona Beach virtual fairs.  When the time came to attend the Career Fair, I was ready and had no fear in myself. I made sure to talk to as many employers as I can. I created a schedule to talk with employers and ease into the day with the top companies of my choice, so as the day progressed, I was more poised in myself and knew I will definitely land myself an interview with one of the companies I talked with. Later on, in the evening I received an email stating Collins Aerospace would like to interview me and I was extremely excited about the opportunity. I prepared for the interview by looking on glassdoor for sample questions and researching about Collins Aerospace, so I had my questions ready. My preparations allowed me to speak fearlessly and state why I was the best fit for the position. A week later I had the offer letter in my hand.

I would just like to add that given any difficult times be prepared and put your best effort. Take part in as many Career Services events and practice as much as you can. This will allow you to be able to speak confidently in front of employers and share why you are the best candidate. Having a mentor in a job search always helps, whether it be someone from the industry or the university. Good luck with your job hunt, always stay positive and lastly excel in your classes.

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