06 Jul

Managing Your Boss

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By: Rose Opengart Many people seem to tell me they dislike their supervisor, for one reason or another, and that they believe they have no potential to advance in their organization. I always want to ask them, “so what are you doing to improve the situation?" Relationships at work are important. Most people do not [...]

18 May

Spring 2015 Graduates’ First Destinations

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Pam Garcia, a spring 2015 MSEP graduate, is beginning her career at SpaceX On Monday, May 11, the Daytona Beach Career Services team was at graduation collecting data for the campus-specific First Destination Survey.  We thought you might like to see a sampling of where Daytona Beach graduates are heading after they walked [...]

02 Apr

Southwest Commences International Flights at Houston Hobby

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By: Jack Harty Last month, Southwest Airlines flight 2207 was a significant flight; it marked Southwest’s first flight between Aruba and Houston as well as Southwest’s first international arrival into Houston’s William P. Hobby Airport. 44 years ago, Southwest commenced flights between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio with three Boeing 737s, and over the years, [...]

12 Mar

The Value of Veterans

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Ho Lin, a reporter from Military.com, recently interviewed Tim Isacco, a former Army officer who serves as the VP of Sales for Orion International, a job recruitment firm for officers and enlisted technicians. The interview provides valuable insights into the current job market and how veterans bring in-demand skills to companies. Tim Isacco’s primary focus is [...]

26 Feb

LinkedIn Made Easy: Get Started with LinkedIn Student Guides

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By: Emily Ferraro Sample Guide from LinkedIn Higher Education: https://university.linkedin.com/linkedin-for-students As soon as you create your account, LinkedIn prompts you to fill out information and build your profile. However, LinkedIn is not a one-size-fits-all way to brand yourself and we want you to use LinkedIn like a professional. For the college student population [...]

15 Jan

Importance of Bullet Points in a Resume

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By: Stephanie Rozboril When writing your resume, format and presentation play a big part in its initial impact. The use of bullet points are a great way to effectively display your information. Where to use them? The work experience section of your resume really requires bullet points to ensure your information is clear, captivating, and [...]