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As students are at various stages in your lives, it is important to take full advantage of your time in school to prepare for future career success. Residential campus students should review the Residential Year-by-Year Checklist and Worldwide students should review the Worldwide Year-by-Year Checklist for insight into the career development process suggested for current students.

In addition, part of your goals while attending school should be to develop exposure and experience to the industry you wish to pursue. Not only will experience give you insight into your career field, it will provide a building block on which to conduct your job search. Here are some ideas on how you can obtain related experience:

  • Complete an internship or cooperative education experience in your field. Review information on Embry-Riddle’s Cooperative Education/Internship Program
  • Volunteer your time and services, to open the door to opportunities
  • Select courses, projects and research that relate to your field of study
  • Attend conferences, seminars, information sessions and career fairs
  • Participate in clubs and organizations. Take on leadership roles within those organizations
  • Conduct informational interviews, job visits and industry tours
  • Find related part-time or temporary employment
  • Complete training and certifications
  • Find a mentor within the industry