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About Embry-Riddle Industry/Career Expos

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Industry/Career Expo is a hiring and career information event for full-time, cooperative education and internship opportunities with for-profit and non-profit employers, as well as government agencies. This event is hosted in the fall and spring at both the Prescott, Arizona and Daytona Beach, Florida campuses. It is also held in various locations around the United States through our Worldwide campus. For Fall 2020, most events will be virtual.

Upcoming Events

Prescott, AZ: Virtual Industry/Career Expo, September 30, 2020, 10am-4pm PDT

Prescott, AZ: On-Campus Industry/Career Expos: October 1, 14, 22, & 29, 2020, 11am-3pm MDT

Daytona Beach, FL: Virtual Industry/Career Expo, October 13, 2020, 11am-5pm EDT

ERAU: Virtual Graduate School Fair, October 21, 2020, 4pm-7pm EDT

Who Should Attend

These events are open to all Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students and alumni seeking professional full-time, internship or co-op positions.

Registered Employers

Prescott Virtual Industry/Career Expo

Prescott On-Campus Industry/Career Expo

Daytona Beach Virtual Industry/Career Expo

Daytona Beach Virtual Graduate School Fair

How to Prepare

Preparation is the key to being successful at ANY event. And with so many candidates attending, how will you stand out?

  • Research: Find out what employers are registered to attend and then visit their websites to learn more about what they do and what types of candidates they are seeking. Be sure to keep track of your findings as you will need this information to create your game plan for the day of the event. Apply to positions that interest you prior to meeting the employer. This action will show them you are a serious candidate and get you into their online applicant system. There are some companies that will not consider you for an interview while on campus if you are not already in their system. Watch: Career Fair Success
  • Resume: The Career Services Office offers resume critiques to ERAU students and alumni. One way to receive a resume review is to submit your resume to Handshake. You may also email your resume to your Program Manager or schedule an appointment to meet in person, visit a Career Services Outpost or attend workshops. To view sample resumes and tips, visit the Career Services Office Resume Tips section. Cover letters are not necessary for the Expo. Watch: Stand Out Resumes
  • Introduction to Employers (elevator speech): When meeting with employers, be sure to have a focused introduction that not only provides your name and major but that also quickly summarizes your strengths, achievements and career interests as they relate to the company. This will not only help you in making a positive impression, but it will help the employer quickly determine how to best assist you. Watch: Elevator Speech
  • Interview Skills: The primary reason for attending an Expo is to make meaningful connections with employers with the additional hope you will be invited to interview. Don’t be caught unprepared to ace your interview. To view sample interview questions, review our interviewing tips. The Career Services Office offers mock interviews for current students and alumni within one year of graduation who are interested in polishing their interview skills; however, be sure to schedule one early as the month of October is a busy month for our office. Watch: The Interview
  • Thank You Notes: Send thank you notes to employers you had a significant interaction with or whom you interviewed with (don’t forget to ask for a business card). In addition, if an employer asks you to follow-up with them, do so! Watch: The Art of Saying Thank You

Professional Appearance

Candidates have only seconds to make a good impression, so put your best foot forward.


  • Professional business attire (business suit)
  • Stick with dark, solid colors such as navy, black, and charcoal gray for suits
  • Make sure what you wear fits you properly
  • Wear clean, wrinkle-free clothing


  • Use very little or no perfume
  • Hairstyle should reflect your personality yet be well-groomed, simply styled and out of your face
  • Wear minimal jewelry (no visible body piercing – one piercing per ear)


  • May also wear business dresses
  • Blouses should never be cut lower than neckline and color should be light/neutral
  • Wear minimal, neutral-toned make-up that enhances your appearance
  • No suit? Dark dress slacks or skirt and a blouse is acceptable
  • Watch: Interview Dress for Women


  • Solid colors and pinstripes are best (make sure pinstripes are muted and narrow)
  • Wear white or light color, button-down business shirts with long sleeves
  • Your tie should complement and add color to your suit (avoid bright colors)
  • Black lace-up shoes, cap toe and wing tips are the most conservative
  • No suit? Dark dress slacks and light-colored shirt with a tie is acceptable
  • Watch: Interview Dress for Men

What to Have Nearby

  • Notepad, padfolio or folder to hold copies of your resume and notes
  • Portfolio (optional) – can hold a general resume, transcripts, performance evaluations, copies of your work (designs, project outlines, writing samples such as technical reports, etc.)
  • List of your targeted companies (this is where your research is beneficial)
  • Questions to ask company
  • Water

Career Services Events

  • Career-Related Presentations/Resume Critiques: Students and alumni may attend virtual Career Services-sponsored workshops available to assist in preparing job candidates to put their best foot forward. Visit Handshake to view dates, times and locations. Presentations cover topics such as resume and cover letter writing, professional dress, expo preparation, elevator speeches, speed interviewing, professional conferences, social networking, pilot hiring, and negotiating salary. Visit our presentation archives page to view  presentation slides.
  • Employer Information Sessions: Company Information Sessions will be held in the virtual platform in Handshake for virtual events and at the Prescott campus for in-person events. Visit Handshake to view dates and times.