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Embry-Riddle’s College of Arts and Sciences Cooperative Education / Internship Program provides students with practical experience that reinforces the concepts learned in the classroom. In tight employment markets, the program gives students yet another competitive edge, augmenting our existing superior program of coursework and hands-on projects.

Get more information about internships on the College of Arts & Sciences websites at the Daytona Beach and Prescott Campuses.



Molly Burnett

Major: B.S. Human Factors and Systems

Campus: Daytona Beach, FL

Company: Junior Cognitive Systems Engineer Intern
In these photos I am using an Oculus Rift to design decision support tools in virtual reality. At Resilient Cognitive Solutions our aim is to enable the ability to make advanced decisions in complex and challenging environments. Through my current project, I am able to utilize virtual reality to help analysts understand their data and make decisions faster and more accurately in high-stakes environments. Using virtual reality gives extra dimensions to the data that we are able to display and allows users to interact more closely with their data for a more thorough understanding of it.



Jordan Hilgers

Major: M.S & Ph.D Human Factors

Campus: Daytona Beach, FL

Company: Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale
I am very interested in applying HF in the healthcare field through medical device usability and process efficiency. I’ve spent this summer working as a HF intern with Intuitive Surgical in Sunnyvale, CA. This company is well-known for “taking surgery beyod the limits of the human hand” with their da Vinci Surgical System. The majority of my work involved discovering the ways eye-tracking can be best-utilized in HF usability studies. Incorporating eye-tracking data from prospective users into projects allows for the relationship between the user and interface to be more fully investigated.



Ayanna M. Crear
Major: Human Factors
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
This internship placed me inside of the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus in Baltimore, MD. In addition, I traveled to Stamford, CT to present my research at the Leadership Alliance’s National Symposium with about 200 other students who were selected for this prestigious research program.





Emma Volovski

Emma VolovskiMajor: Aviation Business Administration
Campus: Prescott, AZ
Company: Raisbeck EngineeringI was given the opportunity to become Raisbeck’s Sales and Marketing Intern for the summer. I had the privilege to work with both the Marketing Director and the Sales Team on important projects, such as preparing  for Raisbeck’s Annual July Authorized Dealer Meeting, analyzing Dealer websites to update information to stay current with Raisbeck products, and maintaining a social media calendar to interact with our customers and followers. Here is a photo of me standing outside my office next to one of the five bladed B300 test propellers flown last year.





Zach Tejral

zach-tejral-nasa-jet-propulsion-lab-lgMajor: Engineering Physics
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: Jet Propulsion Labs
I am standing in JPL’s “Mars Yard” next to the fully-functional Curiosity replica. This rover is used to help scientists and engineers plan and test operations in the simulated Martian environment. This helps to ensure Curiosity can complete its daily mission and avoid any potentially hazardous situations.

Amanda Recker

amanda-recker-hfp-greene-resources-rti-intl-lgMajor: Human Factors
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: Research Triangle Institute
Over the course of this summer, I was given the opportunity to intern with Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International, to work on BioSense 2.0 with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.


Chelsea Iwig
Major: Human Factors
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: National Space Biomedical Research Institute
I am using the Advanced Resistive Exercise Device (ARED) which is used on the International Space Station by the Astronauts.

Adam Naids

adam-naids-intern-lgMajor: Engineering Physics
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: NASA Johnson Space Center
I participated in a fall Co-op at NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX as a Mission Operations Co-op. Standing in the International Space Station (ISS) Flight Control Room. Controllers in this room fly the ISS 24/7/365 and are responsible for the health and safety of the vehicle and the astronauts on board. I learned what it takes to be an ISS Flight Controller. I worked in the SPARTAN group which is responsible for the Electrical Power System and External Thermal Control System. In the background you see an astronaut (Mike Fossum) working with Robonaut 2 on the ISS.

Mackenzie Means

mackenzie-means-intern-lgMajor: Aerospace Studies
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: Southwest Airlines
While a Marketing Planning Intern, I was taking a tour of the Southwest Airlines Maintenance hangar at their Dallas, Texas station. We were able to check out their fleet up close and personal!

Stephen Boyce

Major: Engineering Physics
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: IMP Group Aerospace Division
With approval, I’m in a safety harness golfing off the wing of a Canadian aircraft at IMP Group Aerospace Division, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Adam Naids

adam-naids-2009-lgMajor: Engineering Physics
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: NASA Johnson Space CenterI am standing next to the Lunar Electric Rover (LER): an out of this world vehicle that would allow two astronauts enough resources to live and travel around the Moon for 14 days. This vehicle is important, because it will allow for faster travel around the Moon and only 10 minutes of preparation time for spacewalks, both of which will increase the amount of science it can perform. Because this project is being developed within the division I am working in, the Project Manager of the LER was able to take me out for a ride in this one of kind vehicle.

Michael Wilkinson

Major: Communication
Campus: Daytona Beach, FL
Company: Daytona International Speedway
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