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These resources have been found to be useful for students and alumni from all walks of life. Use this guide as a starting point for your career needs. Many of the websites are not inclusive to the category in which they are listed. The most ERAU-specific resource is Handshake and it is the place to start with all job and co-op/internship searches. JSFirm is also a great resource for aviation-specific job searches.

Job Search Resources

Note that some of the sites will require an account to be created and/or a fee for memberships and services.

General Job Search Engines

Industry-Specific Websites

International Job Search Websites

Additional Tools for the Job Search

Internship/Co-op Resources

Government Job Search Resources

Additional Federal Employment Sites

Federal Agencies

State and Local Government

Military Civilian



*KSAs are no longer required with an initial federal employment application, but please be aware that additional information may be requested, including narrative type statements

Military and Transition Services

Job Search Resources

Career Fair Resources

Research Resources

Resources for finding information on subject matters related to career development; some of the resources may overlap between categories

Company and Industry Research

Salary, Negotiation and Compensation Research

Resources for Special Populations

Career Fair Information


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University does not and will not endorse, condone or support either the companies seeking employees or any new job and surrounding activities for which employment is sought. The intended purpose of this service is to provide possible job opportunities for students and alumni and creates no warranty as to any listed company or website. Choosing a job is your decision; please use caution and common sense.