a student group at an employer fair
This is the place to start if you are interested in recruiting our talented students and/or alumni to fill your open positions. Alumni have access to our resources for life, providing employers with a solid pool of candidates for co-op/internship, entry-level, mid-career and experienced opportunities.

Discover ways in which Embry-Riddle’s job portal can assist you with your recruiting needs.

Co-Op/Internship Program
Learn more about the benefits and process of bringing Embry-Riddle students into your company through co-ops and internships.

Industry/Career Expos & On-Campus Recruiting
Register to attend this event, which is held each Fall and Spring at both the Daytona Beach and Prescott Campuses. The Industry/Career Expo provides an excellent opportunity to meet with not only our current students, but also with the many alumni who return for the event.

Employer Policies and Practices
All employers wishing to recruit Embry-Riddle students or graduates are required to work within the framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing and selection techniques and guidelines.

Third-Party Recruiters
Learn about Embry-Riddle’s policies for working with third-party recruiters.

Fast Facts
Discover more about the university that educated the candidates for your job openings.